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    For over 10 years we have worked with businesses across the United States that all have one thing in common. They need online business growth but don’t know the best way to go about doing so. Back in 2009, we decided to specifically help dentists that needed top search engine rankings. If we now fast forward a decade, our services here at have been able to rank thousands of keywords on the first page of Google. 

    Whether you have a local dentist office in a small community or you have a 10,000 square foot office in New York City, we can help advertise your dental clinic and bring in massive amounts of new patients every single month. After all, we specialize in the dental SEO services industry, and working with dental offices is what we do best! Our primary goal is to drive more sales to your company every single month and dramatically increase your ROI. We have found that having top-ranked keywords on Google, along with our content marketing and social media packages can help dentists gain the amount of traffic and conversion rates that they have been looking for. By having top-ranked keywords on Google it is now incredibly easy to drive in more clients and customers to your business.

    Reasons To Choose Our Dental SEO Services

    We have found that many dental offices are timid when it comes to choosing a new advertising agency. There are many good reasons for it. We receive calls all the time from dentists that have been burned or scammed by another dental SEO agency. Unfortunately, it happens all the time because there is low accountability for SEO. Here are just a few things that set us apart from the competition.

    We have always believed in showing proof. By showing our client rankings and in fact, our own website rankings we can show the fantastic rankings that we have been able to accomplish. We encourage you to avoid any dentist marketing company that will not show you actual keyword ranking reports. Since we have more than 10 years of experience and thousands of page #1 Google rankings, that is a great encouragement for our new sign-ups. We also show monthly reporting to our dentists. By showing the keyword ranking improvements, link building tasks and on page website changes we help our dentists feel secure that we are indeed taking care of all aspects of the marketing campaign. We recommend using dental marketing services that are 100% transparent. We are simply here to help you succeed online.

    Our Dental SEO Company Increases ROI

    With our services that are offered to dentists throughout the United States, we have proven that increased visibility and keyword rankings are not just a possibility but a guarantee. We truly are experts in bringing qualified traffic to dental websites. This is what we specialize and thrive in. The good news is that our dentists have high ROI because of the fact that our offers strategic marketing services that simply work. 

    We are here to offer your dental practice the very best dental marketing services that can be found online. We offer a wide variety of offerings including SEO, website development, social media marketing and more. We encourage you to use reach out to us today to learn more about our strategic marketing services. Our agency will perform a thorough scan of your website and business model and send you a personalized video that analyzes your current marketing performance, – dentists have asked, “how much does this report cost and are we obligated in any way to purchase your services? The answer is absolutely not. There is no cost for this analysis and report and you are not obligated in any way.

    Receive A Dental SEO Analysis Today!

    • We will send you a keyword ranking report that shows your office where all of your keywords are ranked and which keywords are bringing in the most website traffic. 
    • We will analyze your website traffic and send you a complete file of the best performing keywords that are bringing in the most traffic to your website.
    • We will analyze your current backlinks to see how many websites are linking to your domain name. We will also analyze the quality of these backlinks and know if any of them need to be disavowed or altered in any way.
    • In our custom video, we will also offer your dental clinic our suggested marketing strategy. With this video, you will have a complete overview of your business and will have a set plan to push your dental marketing efforts up to the next level.

    We encourage you to reach out to our dental SEO company today for our free website audit. Please allow up to 2 business days and we will email the completed website video to you for your review.

    10 Years Of Marketing Experience

    DentalSEO.Company has provided premium marketing services for over a decade. We have happy clients throughout the United States. We are a full service agency that offers SEO, website design, content management and more.

    Thousands Of Page #1 Rankings

    Over the past decade we have been able to rank thousands of keywords to page #1 of Google. We have experience with many industries and companies in the USA, but we specifically focus and work with dentists.

    100% Transparency

    We believe in being fully transparent in the work we do. There are far too many companies that leave you in the shadows and never show any real work. We send monthly reporting for our clients to review. Our agency strives to be honest and deliver results.

    Monthly Keyword Reporting

    In order to offer a 100% transparency policy we send our clients monthly reports. The monthly reports show many factors, a few aspects include: keyword ranking improvements, website traffic increases, backlink building reports, blog post additions and more.

    Our Dental SEO Services Include


    SEO stands for search engine optimization. Our SEO experts have offered SEO marketing since 2009. We are constantly learning and improving upon the techniques they implement. The techniques that we have developed over the past 10 years bring proven keyword ranking results. Our dental marketing experts will give your office the online exposure it needs to increase your ROI. We have been able to rank thousands of targeted keywords to page one of Google!

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    Our services also include yelp review management. Having positive yelp reviews adds trust to your clinic. There are thousands of individuals looking online and many turn to Yelp in order to find a high-quality dentist near them. With our Yelp review management service we can help bring in qualified 5 star reviews for your business.

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    We have a full team of website designers. Our website development experts create stunning websites that are also completely search engine optimized and user friendly. All new websites that we develop are built using WordPress. We have found that WordPress websites are the very best platform because they not only look amazing and professional, but they are fully mobile responsive. We have found that mobile responsive website design is an absolute must for businesses.

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    Our Google maps placement goes hand in hand with our local SEO marketing. We have found that websites listed at the top of Google maps receive far more visibility than companies only using local SEO tactics.

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    We have content writers that are well trained at writing and posting content on our clients websites. Having high-quality content not only helps with SEO marketing, it also helps to educate your readers on the services that you provide. Many dental offices use our content writing management in order to post 4 monthly blog posts. We take the day to day routine out of your receptionist schedule so that they are freed up on doing what mostly matters, booking appointments.

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    Our dental marketing services include social media marketing. Our social media marketing is a wonderful way to receive more viewers to your website. More viewers to your website in turn will bring in more patients to your office. 

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