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3 Marketing Tactics That Can Help Your Dental Site Gain The Top Spot

3 Marketing Tactics That Can Help Your Dental Site Gain The Top Spot

Businesses have it hard, especially dental clinics like yours. I don’t really have to state the obvious but the amount of competition you have to deal with out there is ginormous. You have to consider a lot of things if you want to keep yourself in business. Marketing, for example, is a bigger concern than you think. After all, it is what’s going to drive traffic into your website and consequently, new patients as well.

As a dental clinic, one of the major challenges you have to face is getting actual customers to your door. Since your products are in the form of services rather than actual goods, you will have to get patients coming to your office in the real world. It’s not like you can ship out a dental cleaning or filling, after all. You have to be the one to administer the services. And in order for that to be possible, you will have to encourage the right people to come check out your place of business.

With all that being said, you cannot guarantee success even when your website is getting high traffic online. Online traffic does not equal the actual number of patients who come visit your clinic in the real world, after all. Even if you do a good job in providing content, your website will merely be seen as a reliable source of factual information.

Then again, it’s not like being a reputable source brings the money in. Sure it helps with raising brand awareness and giving your business the limelight, but it’s hardly profitable. There are only quite a few things you could do to make your website generate income online. You can try getting into the ad business once your website gets high enough authority but I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t want your bread and butter to come from it. Being a dentist, I’m quite sure that you would prefer to make a living out of your profession.

So this is where professional marketing comes into play. Rather than just piecing together marketing techniques that make no sense for your business at all, it would be wiser to devise an entire marketing campaign that targets the right audience. This campaign should be tailor-fit to what your company needs. Instead of going about it blindly, finding a specific target in the market can help you focus your efforts in activities that will positively impact your business’s performance in the real world.

Below, we took it upon ourselves to list down some internet marketing methodologies that would benefit your dental website and business. These strategies are not just meant to improve your online following but also increase your client base in the real world. So if you’re just as excited as us to know more about these techniques, let’s not wait a moment longer. Here are three marketing strategies that will work for your dental business:

Local SEO

I’m quite sure that you’ve come across the term before. It’s been more than a decade since SEO or Search Engine Optimization was introduced, after all. Also, I bet that many agencies have emailed you about such services already. They’ve probably promised you countless moons and stars too. However, I just wanted to point out that SEO may come in two different categories: Local and National.

Since your business is dental services, you have to make sure that what you’re doing is Local SEO. What do I mean by this? By local SEO, we are referring to a type of SEO that focuses on ranking geographically-specific searches. These searches are often characterized by long-tail keywords like “best ice cream Manhattan” or “cheap eats Philadelphia.” The more specific the searches you rank, the more likely you are to reach audiences near you. After all, people who create searches like these are likely to live in the area. This means that they would have better access to your business’s location.

If you just do general SEO, there’s no telling who or what kind of audience you’re going to reach. You might be ranking top pages but for what? If they can’t come to your clinic because it’s insanely far, then there’s really no point in reaching out to that audience. This is why Local SEO will definitely work more to your advantage.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media is now officially a part of people’s lives. I thought I must let you know that almost all artists purchase YouTube likes from It’s not just a hobby or a way to pass the time anymore. It’s literally something that’s embedded into culture and society. People check their phones all day, every day. They are bound to have access to a social media account or two. For your business, this creates an added opportunity to market your brand. But again, not just to any audience.

If you know your way around social media, certain features will allow you to reach out to specific groups and markets. By targeting the right audience, you can grow your business locally and update potential clients nearby about your clinic’s latest treatments and offers.

Google Maps Optimization

Every offline business should focus more on how they’re going to make it easier for clients to find them in the real world. As I said earlier, your popularity online would mean nothing if it is next to impossible for patients to locate your clinic or if your clinic is somewhere far from where they live. Optimizing for Google Maps can help you avoid encountering such problems. Through this marketing strategy, you can conveniently and effectively assist patients in finding your clinic easier. Also, it will increase the opportunities you have of encouraging local clients who are looking for dental clinics near them. People tend to search for nearby options through Google Maps these days so ranking Google Maps will definitely help you entice new patients.